Our company has been founded in the sixties by our father Angiolino Innocenti  when he started a nursery production of ornamental outdoor plants in the fertile grounds of Pistoia. He passed his valuable knowledge and experience over to his children who are now in charge: Maurizio is our production manager, Michela is responsible for bookkeeping and Massimo is in charge of sales.

We grow our own plants and distribute them as end-product among our international clients completing the cycle. From a traditional nursery with field-grown plants we changed into a modern nursery with container-grown plants, following and implementing the latest technical inventions, by doing so we laid a foundation that give us possibility to adapt quickly to renovations requested by the always changing markets .

Until 2009 our products were only distributed on local and national Italian market but from 2009 onwards we started exporting our plants to Northern Europe.
Today, our company is constantly growing and renewing, we have new expansion and renovation projects for the near future so we can be always up-to- date and guarantee to supply you with convenient plants and novilties.

 We do our best in trying to fulfill your requests, as we have always done in the past.